Keep your canine safe and comfortable!

Our dog life jackets are made with reflective strips and bright colors to make your pup easy to locate. Adjustable straps and mesh underbelly allow for perfect comfort and fit.

Relax! Our FidoRido dog car seat's two-strap restraint system equalizes the force of sudden stops, keeping your pup secure while still allowing them to stand, sit, lie down, and even look out the window.

Our Dog Life Vest on USA Today's Best of 2024

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Our Mission

Fido Pet Products’s mission is to deliver quality products focused on the active lifestyles of pet owners, whether on water, traveling, or at home. Our own dogs are the inspiration behind the products we develop. Not only do we strive to come up with innovative and functional products, they must be safe for our furry family members. Please take a moment to discover products you and your pets will love.